The Cambridge & County Folk Museum is a museum located in Castle Street in central Cambridge, England. It is housed in eight rooms in the former White Horse Inn, a public house that closed in 1934.
The Cambridge Museum of Technology is an industrial heritage museum situated in Cambridge; UK
The Cambridge Science Centre, located on Jesus Lane in Cambridge, England, is the city's first interactive science museum.
Houses a large collection of scientifically important zoological material.
The Fitzwilliam Museum is the art and antiquities museum of the University of Cambridge; located on Trumpington Street opposite Fitzwilliam Street in central Cambridge; England. It receives around 470;000 visitors annually. Admission is free
Kettle's Yard is an art gallery and house in Cambridge; England. The director of the art gallery is Andrew Nairne
The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology holds a world-class collections of art and artefacts from all over the world.
Exhibits a collections of pottery shards and of casts of Greek and Roman sculpture, with a public collection numbering over 600 plaster casts. 
The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences is the oldest of the University of Cambridge museums, having been established in 1728 as the Woodwardian Museum. 
The Cambridge Centre for Computing History is the only museum dedicated to the social and historical impact of computers in Europe.
A small museum which exhibits a selection from the Institute's extensive collection of manuscripts, watercolours, prints, drawings, photos, relics and arts and crafts relating to the polar regions.
The Whipple Museum holds an internationally important collection of scientific instruments and models, dating from the Middle Ages to the present.